Plot specific questions


When can I have a fire?

 Bonfires are permitted on allotments/plots. However, there are strict rules regarding bonfires which must be adhered to.

Allotment Rule 6.2 Bonfires are only permitted during the months of March and November for the burning of diseased plant material. Fires should not be allowed to cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents and under no circumstances should be left unattended. Where local circumstances necessitate, bonfires may not be permitted at any time

Can I erect a polytunnel?

A polytunnel may not be erected without the prior permission of the Association and may not exceed 20’ x 10’ (6m x 3m). 

Can I use a hosepipe on my plot?

 Hosepipes are only permitted to fill water containers (NOTE Excluding the 1000l containers.) Tenants must not water crops directly from a hosepipe. If you are found doing so, you can lose your tenancy.  

How do I make compost?

Click the button below to find out how to make compost. 

Can I compost bindweed?

According to Monty Don you can compost the green top but do NOT compost the roots. These should be burnt or well rotted down.  

Storage of potatoes

If you have a successful potato crop and have a few sacks of potatoes still stored in sheds and other cool places this article may be of interest to you.  Normally they do not keep very long into the spring, becoming soft and eventually rotting.  The reason for this problem is that they start to shoot, which is all very well when you plant seed potatoes, but once the shoots start to develop in stored potatoes, they become soft and prone to rotting.

The shoots are brittle and easily removed from the main potato, and once removed no more shoots are likely to develop from those particular “eyes”, although it is possible that other undeveloped eyes on the potato could produce shoots later on.  By removing all of the shoots in this way you can potentially extend the storage life-time for your potatoes by several months.   

Potatoes are nutritionally very praiseworthy, being a better source of polysaccharide carbohydrate than either rice or pasta: and of course we can grow them ourselves, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.