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Main Entrance Sign

The overgrown area by the Spinney has now been grassed over. Thanks to everyone who helped to barrow the rolls of turf and get it put down.

Pictures are available in the Gallery on the work from start to finish. 

 This year we entered some of the BDAC Show competitions one of them being the Robins Trophy (Most Improved Site) which we won way back in 1981 and what a surprise it was to have managed to win it again 38 years later. We achieved 5th place in The Frank Carter Memorial Trophy (Best Managed Site). Presentations to all the winners took place at the BDAC show on the 25th August at 3pm with Alan picking up the Robins Trophy on our behalf.

The plotholders that did visit the show have said it was a nice day out and was an opportunity to see what other plotholders are displaying. There was also displays from children to encourage them to be future gardeners.

Pictures of the displays and the acceptance of the Robins Trophy are available to view in the Gallery.

Upcoming meetings and events


Thank you to all the WAAA plotholders who attended the 2019 AGM at the same location as last year.  Walmley Village Community Hall.

Some healthy debate took place and a revised Constitution agreed.

Thank you to the team that provided the refreshments for the evening.

It was good to hear your views and a great chance for everyone to hear and see what the Committee are striving for on behalf of our allotment.

More detail about our progress is available under the Noticeboard section.

Newsletters and Minutes


The latest WAAA Committee minutes and newsletters are now available.

Read the August WAAA newsletter to find out what has been going on and what we are doing.

The latest BDAC newsletter is also available on this link. 

On the 2nd, 4th & 10th of August we hosted a group of teenage volunteers from the National Citizen Service (The Challenge). 

On the 2nd and 4th they met with members of the Committee to discuss what they could do for us. They had a walk around the site and had a chat with some of the plotholders. It was decided that they would set to on clearing some of the overgrown areas for us, plot 27a being one of them.

Take a look at the pictures in the Gallery.

More detail about the volunteer day is on the latest newsletter.



We have allocated a noticeboard by plot 26 for plotholders to display their own personal  ads.

Where possible all notices are also displayed on the site noticeboards.

West Midlands police have now produced an online booklet which gives details of a large number of scams and other fraudulent behavior.

The Little Book Of Big Scams is packed with info about Scams and Frauds as well as advice on protecting yourself and what to do if you have been caught out.  It can be accessed via the Hints and Tips page.

Helping Wildlife


Do your bit for the British Wildlife.

Hedgehogs are very active at this time. You may come across one on the allotment if you are on site in the evening.

Foxes are also regularly sighted and help to keep the vermin population down.

All our straw comes from the  Donkey Sanctuary.

If you would like to make a donation to any of the supporting charities then follow the link below.

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